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SMG Shop Info 

published May 19th, 2019 - SMG/Interplanetary
more info: [email protected]
partner requests: [email protected]

SMG/INTERPLANETARY ("SMG/IP") announces the launch of SMG Shop, and provides more info for potential partners and consumers.

SMG/IP Directors

Some info.

Powered by Teespring, we're bringing merch stores to your favorite creators. How and why are we doing this exactly? Allow us to explain.

No Revenue Split

There's no weird split of any kind. You get all of your money because you earned it. Period.

Cheetah Speed Delivery

Products will be delivered to your fans at a rapid speed depending on where they reside on the planet! That way, everyone's happy!

Discount Codes, anytime!

Compared to other shopping sites such as Redbubble, we are able to use Teespring to provide sales whenever you want. Seriously.